Weekend Stories by Trishikh

The ten-year-old Tau sat in front of a glowing charcoal hearth under the cold moonlit night sky in a small and obscure village in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in the ancient land of Nepal. His father pulled out a glowing piece of steel from the burning embers and hammered it on an old anvil. Seven decades had passed since then, and Tau still remembered the warmth of the freshly forged knife that his father had just quenched in the chilling waters of the nearby river and placed in his hands.

“This is yours for life, a trusted companion you will always treasure. Use it well and wield it wisely. It will help you build, provide food and safety, and enable you to stand up against the worst of adversaries. Always use it to do good to yourself and others. Never use it on anyone who means no harm…

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