Weekend Stories by Trishikh

In a small stone tribal hut devoid of any hint of natural light, under an abnormally pitch-black night sky, with the moon and the stars hidden behind a veil of a never seen before black cloud, a mother gave birth to an unnaturally dark-skinned curly-haired girlchild. At 8,600 feet above sea level, isolated from the rest of the world, in 1960, Malana was a village of around a thousand five hundred individuals in one of the most secluded regions in the cradle of the mighty Himalayan Mountain range.

Amara had broken a taboo. For thousands of years, it was forbidden for the people of her tribe to share their secrets, their sacred Kanashi language, and their way of life with outsiders. A year back, she fell in love with an African traveller to the region and became pregnant.

While the traveller, who claimed to be a descendant of King Shaka…

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