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Diary of an Aesthete

You could spend an eternity this way… floating between folds of time, no more a traveller or sage, years of searching simply washing away… nobody’s man and yet prisoner of the elements, caught up in a war between swirling waters and burgeoning skies… perhaps this is eternity? …not a destination, but a hidden place between, nearly impossible to find yet kept in plain view, like all good things. Somewhere neither fixed nor transitory, where past and present meet in a sweet embrace, and waters of Earth give way to the passage of the heavens, great chariots of the deep crusading up towards the foothills of the Great…

This is the life you gave, with trembling hands; the offering of sweat and tears, the pact you made with the ever-changing winds – the long and winding path unto the unseen gate, now returning to you once again… returning to He, the Lord of Grace.

You move about…

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