My brother, Rich, laughed at my

post and we talked about another

possibility of, “Why did the praying

mantis cross the road?”

The grandies and I were on a

flashlight hike, searching for

bugs, spiders, and scary things.

We stopped to look at this brick wall.

The cement ledge is where we have

sometimes left a midnight snack

for a friendly squirrel who lives

in a tree close to my apartment

building. It was Kyah who

exclaimed, “Look! There’s

a playing mantis!” We did

not correct her, she is only

five and learning how to

pronounce her, “R’s.”

Inside, I am proud of

how she has become

much more social

in kindergarten.

So, this praying mantis

looked back at us, listened to

speculations about cold weather,

with Landen being concerned and

wanting to save his life and bring him

inside. We talked about this and

pondered about hibernation.

He said…

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