Hannah Fearless

Books are fun. There are so many different types of literature available, written by authors of all ages and genders, with all sorts of tastes and diverse writing styles.
There are books written yesterday, and books written 1,000 years ago, such as
The Odyssey by Homer, which are still relevant today. So many books, so little time.

I know that I get busy, and with work, family, and other hobbies, and sometimes I don’t find time in my schedule to sit down and get lost in a novel.

Here are just a few reasons why we all should get in the habit of enjoying a good book more often:

  • Reading Builds Vocabulary and Improves Writing Skills

If you read a lot, you may be able to recognize and therefore utilize good writing skills, word choices, and ideas that you find in other author’s works. A good book will also introduce…

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