Adventures of an optimist

Since moving to a new:

a) city

b) country

c) continent

d) hemisphere / time zone

I’ve had to tackle many challenges. All self-imposed of course, as one of the reasons I decided to move to London was for personal growth.  And oh, how I’ve had to grow.

From figuring out my flat situation (not homeless anymore, yippee), deciphering London’s transport (I owe Citymapper my first born child), reconsidering my ~career~ while job hunting and realising that Heinz are the only brand of beans you should buy, I’ve learned a lot about how to survive as an adult on my own in a short amount of time.

But along with the admin-y difficulties that everyone who moves overseas must face, there comes a quieter struggle of self-discovery. We all sail the ship named “Self-Actualisation”, but moving away from home alone stimulates her voyage, making the seas a tad rougher and the scurvy rather…

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