JOHN'S PIX: Pictures (great) by my old friend John ("Jet")

This has been entered in one of those ” Arty Farty ” photo competitions . I can’t wait for the feedback, it will go something like this, ” While technically this entry from an unknown obvious beginner is lacking in most, if not all aspects of what we consider entry level competence, we are forced to reluctantly acknowledge the intellectual subliminal message is profound..The brilliant juxtaposition of the coffee cup and dictionary ,screams of frustrated literary prowess , the cunning use of diagonal and perpendicular shadow mirrors the deep emotional struggle for recognition and love. While all of this lifts the art to an ethereal level of spiritual insight and religious confusion , the “Piece de Resistance ” has to be the Pick ‘n Pay , bag , planting the seed so to speak , of a deep longing and desire to help those less fortunate. So in essence…

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